Meet Veena

Veena Lothe is a proud first-generation Indian-American. Her parents moved to rural West Virginia in the early 1960's, where her father served as a physician. He dedicated his life serving the impoverished population of the Appalachian coalfields, which taught her the value of service. These lessons of service stayed with Veena throughout her life. 

After graduating from Cornell Law School, Veena followed in a career of service by working as a civil rights, union-side labor, and immigration attorney. Most of Veena's immigration cases today are pro bono. Veena has been in the Greater Richmond area since 1999, raising her two kids and putting them through public schools. Veena is active in the community as a school volunteer, serves as a board member at the Shady Grove Y, and volunteers as a grassroots activist. 
As a civil rights attorney, Veena knows that words matter. That's why Veena wants to write laws that do not just sound good but do good. Veena is ready to go to the General Assembly and work just as hard for Virginian families as she has for her clients.

Senate District 12

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