Veena Lothe: The woman with the plans


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1. Fulfilling our promise to fair & free democratic elections

  • Pass legislation to end gerrymandering in Virginia so that each vote counts

  • Reforming campaign finance laws in Virginia 

  • Pass legislation to make it easier to register and vote, particularly for disadvantaged populations. 

  • End felony voting law restrictions in Virginia

2. Fulfilling our promise to fully fund public schools

  • An unequivocal commitment, without reservation, to creating a strong public school system for all by:

    • Reduce standardized testing

    • Increase teacher pay 

    • Stop the school-to-prison pipeline

    • Ensure that Special Education services are fully funded and meeting the needs of parents and students

    • Fully fund public schools and stop efforts to divert taxpayer money to private institutions

    • Analyze school priorities through the eyes of equity, with an emphasis on lifting all students   

3. Fulfilling our promise to our workers

  • Commitment to a living wage

  • Strengthen and protecting our labor unions by ending right-to-work

  • Providing health care for all Americans

4. Fulfilling our promise for equality for ALL Virginians

  • Defend hard-won LGBTQ+ rights

  • Reform of the criminal justice system through measures such as raising felony dollar minimums, decreasing jail time for non-violent offenders, reducing the number of children who are prosecuted as adults, and reducing the overall numbers of prisoners.

  • A commitment to ensuring that African-Americans and other minorities are treated equally under the law 

  • Principled resistance to federal immigration policies by assisting in the deportation of non-violent individuals only as strictly required by law and challenging federal laws that impose further burdens on state and local police

5. Fulfilling our promise to our environment

  • Creating tax incentives for households to install renewable energy devices like solar panels

  • Rejecting donations from gas & oil companies

  • Preventing offshore drilling and development of new pipelines

6. Fulfilling our promise to a safe Commonwealth

7. Fulfilling our promise of protecting women's rights

8. Fulfilling our promise to our veterans

  • Expand healthcare options for veterans in our Commonwealth 

  • Grow the Virginia Military Survivors & Dependents Education Program

  • Expand the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program to improve job placement & training for veterans

Senate District 12

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